Dennis Shafer's Commissioning Projects

As an active supporter of new music by today's finest composers, Dennis Shafer's commissioning projects aim to give the composer the widest recognition of his or her work by having it premiered (performed for the first time) simultaneously on stages throughout the globe. These “co-commissions” are inspired by the system put in place by the World Wide Concurrent Premieres project, founded by Kenneth Radnofsky.

In the projects below, the composer benefits from a modest commissioning fee from each commissioning group, individual, or organization. In return, commissioners retain the right to be the first performers of the music (or to “premiere” the work) for an entire year after the first performance of the piece.

Dennis Shafer is proud to present two commissioning projects with Italian composer Claudio Gabriele:

Concerto in one movement for saxophone and chamber strings, 5-10 minutes in length.

  Claudio Gabriele
(Photo by Federico Teti)

Co-commission cost: TBA

This concerto, to be premiered in July 2015 at the World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, will be part of a larger work for full orchestra to be premiered in 2016-17, for which the co-commission rate will be higher. The work will be for saxophone and 11-15 instruments, and thus easy for small organizations, new music ensembles, and orchestras to commission and premiere. Stay tuned for more details from the composer about the theme and construction of the piece.

PREMIERED IN 2011: Illustration Analytique Supergelatineuse

Nonette for (9) saxophones, 9-15 minutes in length.

  Claudio Gabriele with Dennis Shafer's sax quartet

This piece for saxophone ensemble was written for the following instrumentation of saxophones:

2 Sopranos

2 Altos

2 Tenors

2 Baritone

1 Bass

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